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General Introduction



The following web-pages are part of a bilateral co-operation project between Indonesia and Germany in the field of Marine Sciences. 

Part I of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management ICZM concept is the presentation of the general situation in the coastal zone of Padang, provincial capital of West-Sumatra. By selecting different coastal "users" by mouse-click, you are welcome to explore the facts and figures of our coastal resources. The sometimes contradicting requirements given through different "coastal users" show that there is no managing concept yet.

Part II of this concept, which is planned for 1999, will present you an interface, which allows to change various fictive set-ups, thus enabling different scenarios in order to find out which management strategy will serve how many users and above all, will lead to an economical and ecological optimal and sustainable yield of coastal resources. In this context it is referred to an interesting web-site of our colleagues in The Netherlands (

Apart from the coastal zone and the coastal users presented here, you will find some information regarding the Bung Hatta University (BHU), one of our partners in Indonesia, a publication list and theses list of related topics, a list of scientific international guests since 1992 and some aerial photos.
Apart from the research vessels of BHU, two private speedboats were used for research purposes, "KM Nautilus" and "Mukkel".

Finally we are pleased to acknowledge the help and support of: 

  • the Pusat Studi and Simpul Team, above all Ir. Yempita Efendi 
  • the Rektor of Bung Hatta University, Prof. Sjofjan Asnawi 
  • the former Dean of the Fisheries Faculty of BHU, Prof. Muchtar Ahmad 
  • the Indonesian crew of the research vessels KM "FAPERI" and KM "SELAR" 
  • Kompas Newspaper
  • the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) 
  • the German Technical Co-operation (GTZ) 
  • the German Embassy in Jakarta 
  • and last not least the Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), UK and Overseas Services Bureau (OSB) Australia 

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